Life As A Captain


Football Season by Carrie Pennypacker

Fall at CNU is arguably one of the most fun times of the year, because it marks the beginning of football season and tailgating before games. While my knowledge of the true ins and outs of football is slim, going to the games is still a fun time. Last year President Trible started our newest CNU tradition of hosting night football games. This is such a great addition to CNU because cheering on our Captains is so much more fun once the hot September sun sets. These games are a great way to welcome everyone back to campus in the fall. They unite the student body together and engage them in our school’s athletic events.

My favorite part about football games is the tailgating before the kickoff. Fraternities, sororities, alumni and parents grill out at their parking spaces and people wander the tailgate zone having a great time. Mingling at the tailgates also allows for anyone in attendance to see our classmates decked out in their best CNU blue attire. In recent years tailgating and games have become more of a dressy affair where girls don their best royal blue sundresses or skirts and boys might choose to wear the CNU bowtie or other game day attire. That doesn’t mean that students forgo the classic body painting, and the CNU Blue Crew does this justice. Their tailgate spot becomes spattered with blue and white paint as they cover their bodies and prepare to stand in the front row of the student section to lead cheers for the student and fans in the stands.

What I love about tailgating and football season is that, as an undergraduate student, I have seen these football games and tailgates become a new and well-loved tradition at our school. Our homecoming weekend is the highlight of the season when hundreds of alumni descend on campus to see how much it has grown and changed. Participating in this yearly tradition is something I look forward to attending when I come back as a  CNU alumna this fall. While I may not know everything about the sport, or have the ability or desire to watch an entire game, I enjoy the fellowship and community that our football games and tailgates offer to our campus.

CNU Frisbee by Ryan Asalone

I don’t get as much free time as I would like at CNU, but on the occasions when I am free on a Friday afternoon, I love joining a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee with the CNU Frisbee team. There’s nothing like running across a field on a warm afternoon at the end of a long week, jumping as high as you can in the air to intercept a pass intended for your end zone.

As I’ve said before, some of the guys on the CNU Frisbee team are among the most athletically versatile people I’ve encountered. They can run fast, jump high and many of them can throw a Frisbee as naturally as breathing. While I don’t claim to be of their caliber, the best thing about Ultimate Frisbee is that anyone can have a shot at glory if they are in the right place at the right time. All it takes is one great catch and you can look like a hero.

The best part of the CNU Frisbee team being a club team is that all of the players are there because they love it. There are no scholarships on the line, there are no chances to advance to some kind of pro league (unfortunately, there are no professional Ultimate Frisbee teams I know of), everyone there is passionate about the game, and that makes playing even more fun.

One of my fondest CNU Ultimate Frisbee memories was from a Friday this January. The day had warmed up to nearly 60 degrees, so Facebook had blown up about the first Frisbee pick-up games of the new year. So many people showed up we had enough players for two games at once. We found the ground was wet from rain the day before and as we got started the skies became more gray and the temperature dropped.

My friend Ian and I found that our shoes were largely ineffective on the wet grass so we ended up going barefoot. The CNU Frisbee team generally plays shirts versus skins so, naturally, he and I were unlucky and were selected for the shirtless team. I remember lining up across the field from our opponents, a cold wind blowing across our bare backs. We could see our breath as our team launched the Frisbee toward the other team to start the game and we charged across the field like the Scots out of “Braveheart.”